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 July 26, 2021-August 1, 2021
 - Las Vegas

     Join us for the first time in history as creative artists who suffer from a host of what could be debilitating disabilities, challenge, fight and overcome in order to share their stories with the world.

     Had enough of traditional film festivals and events that don't understand your specific needs and concerns when it comes to your work?  Are you looking for a way to tell your stories and a professional arena in which to showcase what you do and how you do it?  Do you want to engage with tons of your peers, industry professionals, experts and artists who can help you move to the next level? 

     Then The Conquering Disabilities With Film International Film Festival is for YOU. 


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Confirmed Special Guests for CDWIFF
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HUGE Screenwriter of the Year from

Conquering Disabilities With Film International Film Festival:
Featuring Super Producer CINDY COWAN


     Emmy winning and Oscar-nominated producer Cindy Cowan (her credits include Traffic, If These Walls Could Speak, and 42nd Street) will grant the winning writer a 6-month mentorship in which she will guide the winner through the Hollywood development process with their script. At the end of the process, your screenplay will be sent to a select group of industry contacts. Cindy is thrilled to be participating this year and looks forward to working with our talented winner!

it's your turn



     The playing field has never been level but because one person refused to accept her situation, things are moving in the right direction.
     Art for arts sake is wonderful but art with a purpose makes all of the difference in the world.  We know this and that is why this festival was born.

     Seven years ago, Amy Leigh McCorkle began her festival run with some of her first work and not only did she find acceptance, accolades and awards; but she found her voice and every year since then; she has made strides to help others who suffer but still want to create. 



     If you suffer from any emotional, mental or physical disability, if you are the family member, care giver or someone who teaches or works with folks who live with disabilities then this show is for you.

     We accept written word, poetry, scenes, scripts, shorts, films, docs, music videos and artwork.
      You deserve to be seen, to be heard and to be honored.  And, we do it with Seminars, Parties, Red Carpets, Award Shows, Mixers, Pitch Sessions and more.

     We urge you to take a moment to learn more about the show and when you're ready for your close up, give us a chance to become a part of your creative history and future!